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Free Shipping on orders over $100

SLO Fashion Founder: Caroline Matthews

SLO Fashion Founder: Caroline Matthews

SLO Fashion our vision for

Sustainable Chic,

Life Affirming,

One Solution

- in handbag accessorizing that combines practicality with pizzazz !

We live these days like life is a competition, frenetically amassing more symbols of our achievement, from the upscale vehicle we drive to the designer handbag that costs twice as much. Time is our merciless master, the sooner, the better, when it comes to attaining the lucrative salary to which we aspire, while on the fast track to that coveted promotion that will pay the tuition at that prestigious kindergarten where our preschoolers are being groomed for the “right” university admission.

Our society sees “success” as some kind of glowing prize you’ll win at the end of this amazing rat race if you can just get there first, by being bigger and better.

More and more enlightened individuals however, are no longer accepting this as the status quo. Focusing totally on the final destination, the end result, completely negates the journey, the here and now, all those minutes of day to day living that abound with new discoveries, and unexpected joys. There are countless subtle miracles that we’re totally missing as we speed by, barely noticing them receding in our rear view mirror.

Caroline Matthews, on a honeymoon hiatus from her high-powered HR management career and its accompanying bureaucratic stress, sought refuge in Rome’s relaxed, “laissez-faire” lifestyle where she fully embraced the famous Italian “dolce far niente”.

Translated, “the sweetness of doing nothing” doesn’t mean lying around all day watching reality television. Instead, it describes the European philosophy that promotes quality over quantity, the idea of relishing in each passing minute, instead of scheduling it. Everything gets done in the “right” time, not in record time, and, therefore, the results are usually far more effective.

In essence, a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better, the Slow philosophy encourages living in the moment, rediscovering those everyday miracles of life that we’re usually too caught up in the external to appreciate. It’s all about simplifying and streamlining your life, divesting yourself of all the encumbering restrictions and possessions that characterize that typical time-driven never-ending treadmill trek to the top.

Glorying in the transformational experience, the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, welcoming people and heavenly food, reignited an inventive passion for artistic design in Caroline she’d imagined long ago extinguished.

The ultra-expensive leather, “status symbol” handbags of yesteryear, in her newly opened mind, did not seem to reflect the evolved woman’s lifestyle of today, nor her values. The woman who wants to invest in visiting new places, expanding her intellectual and spiritual horizons while sustaining the environment, is not the same person who obsesses that her ostrich skin designer bag might not match her new suede shoes.

Thus Caroline’s innovative line of “create your own” versatile, “designable” handbags, SLO Fashion was born, a new concept in fashion for a new way to live life.



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