Free Shipping on orders over $100

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Design Your Grande Handbag / Tote

SLO – Sustainable, Lifestyle, One Solution – Grande Combinations.

Made from EVA “soft-rubber” which makes them colorful, long lasting and easily cleaned with just soap and warm water for long lasting, waterproof and fade resistant quality.

Polished, Professional and Fun - so versatile you can take it from the office to the beach, or to a coffee shop with a laptop inside and dress it up with a chic trim for your evening events.

SLO Fashion will please you with its soft feel, self-standing, lightweight design - 440 g, under 1 lb.

Our Stylish canvas insert bag is easy to clean, has two interior slip pockets - a mesh water bottle holder, makes organizing a breeze with zippered closure for your added security!

The SLOW Fashion movement inspired our Vision for one handbag that can match your lifestyle needs.  Wide range of colors for zippered insert bags, changeable handles and accessorised with material trims from ultra suedes, plaids to faux fur for additional style  – we can match your changing look.

Easily change trims, handles, inserts and style.

Not sure what your combination design will look like?
E-mail us your choice(s) and we'll send you back images within 24 hours for you to review. SLO Fashion supports your risk free creativity.


Choose from these product items or check out our Pre-designed Grande Combinations.