Free Shipping on orders over $100

Free Shipping on orders over $100

The Perfect Travel Companion.

One solution that can change to match your outfit and change with the season. Add different trims/cuffs in a variety of colors & materials and/or change your handles.

The SLO Fashion savvy know that today’s “exclusive” is “all inclusive”

A selection of four key components, available in a kaleidoscope of “on trend” textures, patterns and colours. Not just a typical purse, your SLO fashion bag becomes a personalized work of artistry you can completely customize to match your mood, meet your needs and, of course, uplift your ensemble.

Sustainably Chic
Life Affirming
One Solution

in accessorizing that combines practicality with pizzazz!

Today’s enlightened, socially conscious woman deserves a simple, enviro-enhancing approach to accessorizing that doesn’t compromise personal style.

Start with one supple SLO soft-touch “basic bag” in any one of our array of contemporary shades, and with the clever interchange of easy-to-assemble fashion straps, colour-coordinated zippered inserts, topped off with your favourite trendy trim to suit ever season,

you’ve got an entire wardrobe of handbags all rolled into one.


Imagine one handbag that coordinates, not just with your clothing choices but your chosen lifestyle.

Yes, that accessorizing solution we all crave,

that takes us from elegant, upscale outings to beach sand and sun and, with yet another quick change of complementary components, it’s the perfect airplane carry-on in between!

A total dream when it comes to travel!
The key to uncluttered, quality of life
when you’re at work or home.

The easy elegance of your preferred SLO “basic bag” is all you need on the road, along with a conveniently compact collection of just the “right” components that take up next to no room in your suitcase, but are sure to transform your out-of-town outfits from just okay to outstanding.

No more hurried, awkward transfers of purse possessions from bag to bag to bag. Simply move your essentials already in their insert to a different SLO “basic bag” or into new zippered insert.

With just a few adaptations your SLO fashion bag is a perfect accompaniment for your dynamic lifestyle.

Need a heavy-duty carry-all for major market shopping? Simply remove the inner zippered insert, and select the long length handles to carry your SLO bag up on your shoulder or, for extra hands-free ease, use the cross body strap instead.

Beach Blanket Picnic Party? The unexpected resort wear flair of natural rope handles gives your SLO Fashion bag that jaunty, nautical look, while skipping the cloth zippered insert again removes any worry over damage from sand or sea water.

Even just for daily use, your SLO Fashion bag provides all you could ever want out of a purse. The compartmental zippered inserts come complete with convenient side pouches for efficient organization of special documents and personal items.

Have you noticed?

Your SLO Fashion Handbag is already becoming the only bag you’ll ever want.

It already is the only bag you’ll ever need.



Satisfy your LOVE for handbag fashion

with versatile luxury without breaking your bank.