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Free Shipping on orders over $100

Mom's Travel or Day Essential Designer Handbag

Here we've created a complete Mom's fashion statement and Travel or Day Essential Designer Handbag. With the Parent's Essential & Mom's Essential Insert we've customized the SLO Fashion Safari (8) Grande Grey ! A wardrobe of designer Handbag fashion & Mom's essentials. Want a different look? Add the Parent's Essential & Mom's Essential Insert to any Grande combination.

This combination includes the Parent's Essential.
Our changing station is crafted from premium materials to ensure optimal padded comfort and durability. Internal zipper pocket, mesh pouch, elastic holders and additional external zippered pocket fits all on-the-go essentials. That’s all you need to carry - all you want. Sturdy carry handle and flip out adjustable strap makes it easy to secure to a stroller or even around your wrist.  Its extra-wide changing pad wipes clean, and the head area is cushioned with an built-in "pillow". Modular zippered design allows the change mat to be completely detached from the carry bag to become an independent diaper carry-all.

This combination includes the Mom's Essential Insert
Specially created for the Mom on-the-go with fashion in mind. Uniquely designed to match with any Grande Basic Bag, turns your SLO Fashion Grande Handbag into the Mom's Travel or Day Essential mobile station. The Parents' Essential (sold separately) slides easily into the centre sleeve with two side compartments, 2 pouches and 2 mesh "sippy cup" or bottle holders (cups not included). 

Easy to carry. Easy to use. Easy to clean. All in style.

Safari - Grande Grey with Long Grey Boutique Handles and Grey Mom's Essential Insert with Purple Leopard Fabric Trim

Ultimate Collection for Fashion & Function Versatility.

Removable Safari inspired styled trim and insert accessories for a wardrobe of handbags all in one !

Here we've added a Leopard print to the sleek monochromatic grey leather look which puts you at the top of the fashion world. Dressed up for the hunt or trimmed down to the Simplicity Grey Bag - you're always in control of your quick fashion change with this collection.

Polished, Professional and Fresh - so versatile you can take it from the office to the beach, out for the evening, or to a coffee shop with a laptop inside.

Long Boutique Handles (63 cm can be used over a shoulder). 

Designed for daily use, practical and easy to clean. SLO Fashion will please you with its soft feel, self-standing, lightweight design - 440 g, under 1 lb. Basic bag made from eco-friendly soft EVA polymer for long lasting, waterproof and fade resistant quality


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